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Eating disorders are varied and dangerous.

Eating disorders aren’t funny, a fad, a phase, or motivation to lose weight – they are deadly and incredibly hard to treat. Eating disorder awareness week happens every year from February 22-28; but similar to all “awareness” weeks, months, etc., this illnesses needs to be in the spotlight year-round. Eating disorders run the gambit. You’re probably […]

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5 Must-Have London Fashion Looks from Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Compared to the recent luck of the American Northeast, the weather for London Fashion Week seems positively balmy. Perhaps the envy-worthy temperature of 48°F (for this cold New Yorker, anyway) is best attributed to the hot looks found on the runway over the past week. Of no exception, of course, is the latest line from […]

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The Nordic Diet: Why Eating Like a Viking is Good for All of Us

Is the Nordic Diet just the new “it” thing or is it actually a sustainable approach to food? If it’s not one diet, it’s another, because let’s face it: we want the magic trick that will keep is fit and slim. The truth is, there is no magic trick, the best diet isn’t a diet at […]

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Good things come in teeny tiny packages, or so we are told. But as much as we love to extoll the virtues of those adorable micro homes, sometimes you gotta have a sense of humor about the challenges of tiny living. This week’s episode of Portlandia pokes fun at the phenomenon: the toilet that is […]

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Obama vetos controversial Keystone XL bill

President Obama has today—as expected—quietly vetoed a bill that sought to approve construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. The bill passed both the Senate and the House in recent weeks, but as Obama has often repeated, he will wait for the State Department to complete its review of the proposed pipeline before making a […]

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Leroy Mwasaru, high school Poo Power, maseno school, poo power generator, teenage inventor

Click here to view the embedded video. In early January 2013, Kenya’s oldest English-language school, the Maseno School, opened new dormitories for 720 students, and it had a couple of problems. Pit latrines and a faulty sewage system inevitably left foul odors and polluted local freshwater sources, while the kitchen used firewood for cooking fuel—unhealthy […]

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Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Is As Deep As a Puddle—But Isn

The “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie is receiving a lot of bad press, but what did you expect, people? “Fifty Shades of Grey” brought soft porn to the masses on Valentine’s Day weekend, and ever since, bad reviews have been splashed everywhere: Everything from “It’s as stimulating as a cold shower” to “The entire movie […]

February 23rd, 2015 | Tags:
How to Wash Your Face

Seems simple enough, right? Get it clean and the job is done. Not so much. Do you know how to wash your face for best results? You may be surprised to learn that your skin issues could be chalked up to improper cleansing. That’s right, mistakes in the product or method you use can cause […]

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Do We Not Know How to Eat Healthy? Foodie Underground

ColumnDo we really know how to eat healthy, or do we just think we do? I saw an image on Pinterest last week, a baking pan full of frozen fruit, being topped off with cake mix. Below it was this caption: “Frozen berries, dry cake mix, and 1 can of sprite. 350 for 35 min, […]

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Zalewski green balcony, Zalewski Architecture Group, Suspended Green Walkway, Polish Green Architecture, House renovation poland, green sky walkway, balcony garden

Who says balconies need to follow the line of a building? In a new concept for a balcony-like space, Zalewski Architecture Group created a wonderfully unexpected meandering green pathway that extends far beyond the limits of the building. The walkway invites inhabitants to step out of the balcony door and take a stroll on a grassy path high up […]