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Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, free solar, free rooftop solar panels, California free solar, California free solar program, rooftop solar panels, clean tech, GRID alternatives, free solar for poor California residents, Roy Rivera, Sacramento, CA cap-and-trade, Senator Kevin de Leon, greenhouse gas emissions, clean energy, reduced CO2 emissions, solar energy, solar panels, rooftop solar

Roy Rivera is a disabled man who lives on a fixed income in Sacramento – and he’s also the first California resident to receive a free rooftop solar system. But he won’t be the last. Thanks to legislation first introduced by Senator Kevin de León, the Oakland-based non-profit GRID Alternatives plans to give 1,600 free […]

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Hunan Province, China, Haim Dotan, glass bridge, transparent bridge, green infrastructure, bungee jumping, extreme structures, extreme bridges, record-breaking structure

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Air conditioning is ubiquitous in modern society, and while it keeps our homes and offices cool, it exacts a very high cost in terms of ecological, social, and health impacts. To help you save energy and money, here is a top ten list of the best cooling alternatives to your Air Conditioning (A/C) in your […]

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Stop at some of these farm-to-table restaurants in the Southwest on your next drive through, and savor the terroir while you help to support a more resilient and sustainable food system. The post Farm-to-Table Restaurants in the Southwest appeared first on Green Living Ideas.

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This Memorial Day, come equipped with an arsenal of recipes that are diverse enough to wow everyone at the dinner table or afternoon picnic. These 20 recipes have been vetted by EcoSalon’s food writers, so you know they’ve been tried, tested and passed with flying colors, before being gobbled up. Whether your a meat-lover or veggie-fiend, […]

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joshua tree

While we often daydream of exotic lands far, far away, where life is purer, more simple and full of nature, we are often overlooking the very land that we inhabit: the great United States. The country is home to a landscape among the world’s finest and should not be overlooked, like these three national parks. They may […]